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The Story Behind this Picture Will Surely Make You Believe That True Love Really Does Exist!

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Every couple has their own stories of how everything about them starts. The beginning is always the sweetest thing, the most precious thing that both of them really value. Most of the time girls are the ones who are very sentimental with things, places, and events that happens in their relationship.

One post from the Facebook account of Lysa TerKeurst a famous author of many lovely books and life quotes, she is really inspired to share her wonderful idea of how to work the partnership memories of her husband in their home.

She has a black dress in her closet that she couldn't give to anyone, this dress was just placed at the back of her closet for a long long time. That dress really has its sentimental value, it is the dress that she was wearing during the time her husband fell in love with her. Check how brilliant her idea in placing that dress inside their home.

Source: Lysa TerKeust


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