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Terrifying Hidden Dangers Of Monthly Period That You Should Know!

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Terrifying Hidden Dangers Of Monthly Period That You Should Know! 
Menstruation is a woman's monthly bleeding. When you menstruate, your body sheds the lining of the uterus (womb). Menstrual blood flows from the uterus through the small opening in the cervix and passes out of the body through the vagina.

These things are normal, especially when reaching the right age. But did you know that your period could show you what is going on inside your body? This could be your Monthly Update about your hormonal, reproductive, thyroid and metabolic functioning.

Some women, maybe don't have any problems having their monthly period, but there's still those who have difficult times when this happen. Now we share 5 conditions to raise your awareness when experiencing another of your abnormal menstrual period.

1. Light flow of may indicates that you have pituitary  gland or a thyroid issue except if you're on pills. You must see a doctor if not.

2. Sudden bleeding might be a cause of cervical or uterine polyps. This kind of bleeding can also indicate cancer, but it is still normal when using the pills.

3. Unbearable cramps that lasts for a couple of days isn't usual and might be a sign of dangerous disease. 4. Late menstrual cycle without any chance of pregnancy could be a sign that you're having a hormonal imbalance, your ovulation is not regular or you might have PCOS that could be the cause why it is difficult to determine your fertile days.

5. If your menstrual discharge has saturated color or similar to a "Cranberry Juice", it means you have a normal secretion. Otherwise, you may have estrogen imbalance.

If you're having uncomfortable feeling and not sure what it is or where it came from, please do see a specialist to be examined.


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