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Student Died After Accidentally Fell Down From a Condominium's Rooftop When She Tries to Take a Selfie!

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Yesterday January 5, 2016 around five o'clock in the afternoon when one college girl fell down from the rooftop of one condominium in Manila. The incident happened when she was trying to get a better angle for her selfie or a shot for a picture.

A graduating 19 year old student by next year of Bachelor of Mass Communication Christina Marie Pagalilauan was dead on the spot after she fell from the rooftop of 20th floors of one condominium in Ermita, Manila. During that moment she was together with her classmate, Christina fell when she was trying to get the angle of the view, then suddenly reached the side of the wall which is too low.

According to the report of Jen Calimon of TV 5 news, Christina still tried to hold the window holding of the rooftop that is why she had a twisted arm. The authorities are now investigating the place of the incident, they want to know if that lower side of the rooftop is standard because it is too dangerous.

Schoolmates and friends of Christina sent their sincere condolences to her family on social media. Christina's wake will be held at their house in Laguna.

Source: News5


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