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Shocking Story: Everyone Got Chills Of a Lifetime After this 'Dead Man' Visits His Own Funeral!

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It was in 2012 when Faeldog family was mourning for days because of their dead relative named Junmar Faeldog. Junmar was missing since January and when they heard that police found a dead man who has the same birthmarks as Junmar for instance the height and mole at the back of the neck, they presumed that it was him.

While mourning to Junmar, the family was surprised to see Junmar is online in Facebook. At first, they thought that it was just a prank by one of their relatives but Junmar proved that he is still alive.

To prove to his family that he is safe and sound, he went to the funeral wake that was intended for him. The reason why he was missing for a long period of time is because of his girlfriend. Junmar finds it hilarious but at the same time creepy to know that his relatives were mourning for him.

The body that Faeldog claimed is still unidentified but they are willing to pay for the fees of the wake service. What’s important to them is that Junmar is alive and they’ll be able to see him every day.

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  1. Reminds me of the detective stories where the wax body of the person is buried as dead man and half of the people attended the funeral were involved and knew the truth.




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