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Must Watch: Woman Nearly Lost Her Life For Something Almost Every Girl Does Everyday!

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A lot of women are using hair ties especially those who has long hairs. Eventually, not all the time they are wearing it sometime they are just putting it on their wrist for ready-on purposes. There are a lot of kinds of hair ties, sometimes its too girly with so much design hanging on it or shinny elastic rubber, but maybe after watching this news you may not put it on your wrist anymore.

Audree Kopp, a young mom from Louisville, Kentucky had her surgery for removing an infected area at the back of her right wrist, at first she thought that it is just a bite from an insect, but then, it kept on bothering her as its increasing the size.

“I didn’t believe it at first, I thought that it was a spider bite or something else, not from wearing a hair tie,” Audree shared on her interview.

Surprisingly, according to her doctor she was infected by three different types of bacteria, and that she barely escapes sepsis, or blood poisoning. Dr. Amit Gupta, one of an Audree’s surgeon team, warn the public to avoid putting hair ties on their wrist as it is easy to carry those unwanted bacteria, they actually can't imagine that this case will become serious.

Because of the operation on her wrist she was advised to stay at the hospital in couple of days for full recovery treatment. Watch how horrific this experienced.


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