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MUST WATCH: Showdown of Sarah Lahbati and Dawn Chang Fires the Stage of ASAP!

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We've seen Dawn Chang with her sexy lingerie video which became one of the trending topics here on social media and met Sarah Lahbati's naughty side as she danced gracefully to the song Twerk it like Miley.

Now, for those who haven't watched this video yet. It's time to witness the Must watch showdown of these two beautiful ladies. This event occurred at ASAP, which immediately gone viral over the internet.

It appeared as if they were about to have a fight because of Gerald Anderson. It really is a powerful dance showdown with several tricks that are very challenging to do. 

This video spread through social media like fire which heats up the night of the netizens. Who's your take on this epic showdown?

Source: ABS-CBN


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