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Man Molests His 88-Year-Old Mother... His Statement Will Surely Blow Your Mind!

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Tagaytay City – a man named Roger was caught by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) because of rape cases, the victim was said to be his 88-year old loving mother. The grandmother named as Nelia was saved by the NBI after her grandchildren reported that she was raped by her 54-year old son.

The suspect was trapped and caught in their house in Tagaytay. NBI confirmed that the grandchildren saw the cruel things that Roger had done to their grandmother, Roger admitted in the rape case that was filed against him. He said that he was under the influence of drugs and his mother has an Alzheimer’s disease that made her think that his son was her husband. Because of this, Roger took the advantage and raped his own mother.

Roger said, “Dalawang beses lang po iyon”. Reporters asked him why he made those things to his own mother. He answered, “Durog po ako sa shabu nun eh, bangag po ako sa shabu”. After several hours, Roger was crying and asking for the forgiveness of his mother. “Nakikiusap ako sa nanay ko sana patawarin nyo na po ako”.

Traumatized, that was seen on the face and eyes of Lola Nelia. NBI stated that sometimes Lola Nelia was seen crying, but was not able to say anything. Roger is now under the case of rape and authorities were still studying if the custody of Lola Nelia will be handed-over to DSWD.

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