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Look What Terrifying Thing Happened to Emma After She Fell Asleep Drunk Outside the Bar!

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Whenever you go to any bar, you normally see the same types of people. It has gotten to a point where it feels like you're in a boozy paradox. It's no secret that drinking makes you do things you wouldn't normally do.

Emma QuirkQuirk, who currently resides in Canada fell asleep outside a bar Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, in the middle of the winter season after getting drunk.

“It was 5.45am when I was found. At 6.30 a nurse told me that best case scenario I keep my fingers… worst case I lose my hands,” Quirk said.

Then people helped her and brought her to the nearest hospital in which where she spent several days to recuperate.

Dr. Randall Friesen, the specialist assigned to her stated that her fingers would blister and swell for a few more days before it could be popped.

Quirk said in an interview that her situation back then was really unbearable and all that she could do to minimize the frostbite pain was to take opiates.

Dr. Friesen was wearing an apron and a face mask with a plastic shield over his head as he visited her once again.

He then put her hand over a metal tray after which her blisters were cut open with a scalpel. “Puss went everywhere. I think I even got the hospital curtains,” Quirk said.

She was left with mounds of extra skin after her fingers were deflated. While her hands are still healing, Dr. Friesen said he is still concerned about the patient’s left pinky and right middle fingertip as shown in the photo below.

Source: TheDailyPedia


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