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Lifeless Old Man Dropped Off By Jeepney Driver After Suffering a Stroke!

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In today’s generation, people suddenly changed and sometimes they are not concern on the things especially on other people. We tend to ignore the things we saw in our surroundings like child lying naked on the floor wherein citizens who passed by just simply looked at them and no one dared to check if the child is still alive or not. 

Another incident happened that circles the social media as one passenger of a public utility jeepney was left dead in the streets after suffering from stroke while in transit.

A concerned citizen named Mark Uy Calasin saw the incident and took pictures in hope that the casualty’s family will see his posts. In his post he said:

“At 5:30pm today, I passed by the heritage hotel, while walking a sudden uproar happened. There was an old man who was dropped off by a jeep after suffering a stroke. He was already dead when he was dropped off. The San Juan de Dios hospital was only 500m away. Nobody knows who this old man is. He has no identification cards with him since police said his identity was “negative”. Please share this so that it’ll reach his family or the media so that his family can identify him through national television. I felt sorry for him. The driver and passengers of the jeep didn’t even think of bringing him to the nearest hospital. The jeep suddenly run off. Nobody was able to remember the plate number. “

Being a driver has a great responsibility especially on the lives of his passengers. Event like this only shows how heartless and how inhuman some people are.

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