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Ilocos Now Being Compared to New Zealand? Find Out Why!

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Indeed, God succeed doing his masterpiece pour into the country of the Philippines. We know for the fact that Philippines is one of the amazing place to visit due to its wonderful and breathtaking nature. There are a lot of tourist spots that you could explore inside this country and one of those beautiful places can be just found in the Northern Luzon which is "Ilocos".

Today, Ilocos is now being compared with the places of New Zealand.  There are lots of amazing and beautiful nature that was found in this area, especially the formation of rocks and beneath of it are special lakes.

Many tourist says that this is really one satisfying place to visit, more of that! people in the area are so hospitable to take good care of you will on trip. It's beauty and greenland can give the relaxation that your body really needed. You should also try to eat their food delegate for complete satisfying vacation.


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