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Husband Forces Wife to Walk Naked on NY Street After He Caught Her Sexting Other Men!

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This clip appears to show the moment a man humiliated his wife by making her walk without any clothes down on the road - after he caught her sending 'naked' photos of other men. In the disturbing clip, the man trails the woman - who covers her body in nothing but a white towel - appears shaken but remarkably calm given her suffering.

As he follows her, He criticizes her for messaging seven other men. The clip made the social media angry, while others have questioned whether the clip is genuine.

Watch the video below.

The video provoked annoyance from many people on social media.

I don't know what she did and I don't care. Nobody deserves to be humiliated like that. But maybe this is just a hint why she was talking to other men.

Sources: LF / Viral4Real


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