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How This 9-Year-Old Girl Got Her Permanent "iPhone Scar" Will Surely Make You Discomfit!

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A 9-year-old schoolgirl has been left scarred for life after her snow globe style iPhone case leaked a toxic liquid that burned through her skin. The decorative, protective covering Olivia Retter used to guard her phone burst open while she was fast asleep in bed.

The plastic backing was similar to snow globes, containing a thick liquid that allowed glitter sparkles and unicorn and rainbow shapes to move around when shaken.

However, its outer lining comes apart while under Olivia's leg, allowing the viscous substance to drip out onto the edge of the iPhone 5C. The chemical then moved on to the young girl's leg - burning the shape of the phone into her skin while sleeping. Olivia woke up in pain, but it was not until the morning that she and mother discovered the injury she had been left with.

A cleaner said, 'Olivia is not supposed to have her phone in her bedroom at night but she sneaked it in and had it in her bed, so she fell asleep with it touches her leg. She woke up in the middle of the night and came into my room and said her leg was hurting. I thought she was being silly and sent her back to bed.

Then in the morning I saw this awful burn on her leg - I was so shocked a phone case could do that. Doctors have said it is a severe chemical burn and she will be scarred for life. I can't believe it; she will have a scar in the shape of a phone on her leg.'

Karly, her mother, rushed Olivia to the doctor who confirmed her injury was a severe chemical burn caused by acid. She was given dressings to wear, but told she will be left with the outline of the phone marked on her body forever.

Karly chose to share the image of her daughter's scarring online as a warning to other parents who may be looking and buying cases like Olivia’s.

Source: Viral4Real


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  1. and you call yourself a mom? your daughter told you something is wrong and you didn't even bothered checking it out,




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