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WATCH: How Anne Curtis Treat Her Fans Off-Cam!

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As a celebrity you need to be in a proper behavior and always be good to everybody when there are cameras all over. Since they were loved by their fans and supporters, they also need to give it back to them because it was their supporters who helped them to be on the top position in showbiz industry. What if the camera is not rolling and there were no audience in front of you?

Everyone is mindful that Anne Curtis is a very jolly person with a bubbly personality. Most of the people claimed that they love her because of “what you see is what you get” personality of the actress. The one and only “Dyosa” of the showbiz industry were captured by an amateur video with her fans and supporters. They were gathered in her dressing room to have their photos and papers signed by their idol. While her fans were gathering around her, Anne was able to give a time to all her fans and granted every request they’ve made.

Netizens find it cute and heartwarming to see how Anne Curtis was able to manage them despite of her busy schedule and lack of rest. This shows that there were still remaining artists who are very approachable and kind with or without camera.

Watch the video below.

Source: TNP


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