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Heart Melting Result After CEO of the Company Disguised as a Newly Hired Employee... Find Out Why!

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Working hard is part of our everyday life. We made sure that we have food on our plate when we got home and we have money to spend for the expenses and bills, especially when you have kids who depends on you. Being homeless is also one of the factors that we need to consider, it is never an easy situation.

But there is a Sale Associate of Modell’s Sporting Goods, Angel, that despite of being homeless and low monthly income, she was able to overcome her obstacles and stand up with positivity. Her inspiration is her family; she still managed to smile on every customer who seeks help in the shop.
Now the CEO of Modell’s Sporting Goods agreed to be part of the reality show “Undercover Boss” to know the true attitude of their staff towards people. He disguised as a new hire employee and spent a week working with Angel who was assigned to train him. 

Through his training, the CEO was able to witness how hard working and how determined Angel is. Her words of encouragement made the CEO decide to promote her as the Assistant Manager of the store.

Watch the heart-warming video and how the CEO changed Angel’s life.

Credits: Cracker Daily


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