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MUST READ: Women Should Know These Facts to Have a Healthy Private Part!

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Some girls are shy when it comes to their private part, especially when having problems on this matter. They can't even go to the doctor to have themselves checked for some reason. But you shouldn't be scared when it comes to your health.

With this, you shouldn't worry anymore cause this could help you conquer all your stress about this issue. It will teach you how to work on your vagina problems easily without any hassle.

The vagina is secreting small amounts of discharge for it to be clean. It is naturally acidic and has a beneficial bacteria to prevent infections from coming and preserve the pH on a normal level.  A yeast like fungus affects 75% of women and deals with such infection.

Symptoms of the yeast infection are itching and a burning sensation of vagina and vulva; some are experiencing abnormal on vaginal discharge. Unpleasant odor, reddish swollen and painful vaginal mucus membranes and external genitals.

According to studies, it is because of these things:

1. Birth control pills
2. Increased heat, moisture, and hormonal shifts during pregnancy
3. Diabetes
4. Use of corticosteroid
5. Sexually transmitted diseases
6. HIV infection
7. Obesity
8. Consuming too much sugar
9. Wearing panty hose, tight clothing, or non-cotton underwear
10. Menstruation
11. Repeated vaginitis immediately before and after the menstrual periods


But you can avoid all these conditions by having a healthy diet. All you have to do is drinking a lot of fluids, including cranberry juice, yogurt, and some soy products and lessen the intake of sugary liquids.

What you have to eat are foods which have a lot of Vitamin E which include: tofu, broccoli, avocado, spinach and other greens, seafood, olive oil, chili powder, pumpkin, squash, mango, sunflower seeds, almond, hazelnuts.

What to Wear
On the other hand, what you must wear is cotton because it allows your private part to breath and absorb moisture.

To be safe against STDs and pregnancy, condom was proved to be safe in keeping the vagina's level at status quo where good bacteria can survive.

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