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HEALTH: What Banana Can Do to Your Body if You Include it On Your Daily Meal!

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Eating banana twice a day can give you more and more benefits to your body, especially when you are on the diet. Banana is rich in fiber, full packed of nutrients, and natural sugar that has sucrose and fructose. It is also perfect for those on the diet but on a tight budget.

These are some of the following benefits that you could get if you include banana on your daily meal:

1. Energy
         - when you eat banana before you take your workout, your body will produce more energy that will last an hour or more. One more thing its has potassium that prevents your muscle from cramps.

2. Depression
        -it is also rich of tryptophan that the body converts to serotonin which are good for the people's brain, to composite a better way of thinking. 3. Blood Pressure
       -Because banana are low in sodium and high in potassium, it's something that helps lower down the blood pressure from the body that prevents and protect the heart from stoke and heart attack.

4. Constipation
      -If your are experiencing clogged in the way you release waste from your body, eat twice of banana a day so it could helps smoothed the waste passage because its rich in fiber.

5. Anemia
    -It also helps stimulate red blood cell and hemoglobin production, it much needed for a person who has anemia for dietary iron.

6. Ulcer
    -Due to it smooth, mushy, soft texture in covers the lining of the stomach to protects against to much corrosive acid and irritations.


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