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He Spent 5 Months Proposing to His Girlfriend and She Never Noticed Until This Hits Her Hard!

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In everyday, there are thousands of video proposal that showing the world online. We have witness different acts, surprising efforts, and rivers of tears from the people in the moment, tears that can be for happiness or maybe they are upset because some people succeed to take a "yes" but some are not.

Efforts are usually the most awaited thing for every woman. We can not deny that woman are really more happier if they could see or experience the effort from their man, sometimes the portion of their "yes" is coming from the sweetest effort that they witnessed. 

This man made a different way of doing his proposal. A thirty-eight year old man Ram Smith proposed to his thirty-three year old girlfriend. When he knew that she was pregnant, he decided to start and make it more meaningful by asking her "Will you marry me?" in everyday of five months by taking selfies. 

Ram reached one hundred forty nine selfie photos before he finally made this video. Watch how touching his effort in making this video. 

"I said yes straight away, I didn’t need to think about it. I got a bit emotional, but I am pregnant after all." This what she said after seeing the video. 

S/C: Ray Smith


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