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Furious Jessa Zaragoza Defends Daughter from Bailona's Fans! Find Out Why!

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Jayda Zaragoza, the Daughter of Jessa Zaragoza recently posted a photo of Bailey with her on Instagram. But instead of gaining compliments, she was bashed by Bailona's Fans.

The said controversial photo which rounds on the internet made Bailey and Ylona Garcia's fans very furious, thinking that their idol is going to be replaced by Jayda to be partnered with Bailey. As a result, netizens started giving negative comments with mean and harsh words.

But Jessa Zaragoza came to the rescue and defend her daughter from all these rude people. Here's her statement of her Instagram account.

It was stated in her comment that her daughter isn't in for love teams right now and it was never Jayda's intention to ruin the growing love team of Bailey and Ylona.

“Jayda will enter showbizness as a singer. Wala sa plano ang love team love team o pag-aartista for now. Kaya maghunos dili kayo sa pag-aakusa.” - Jessa Zaragoza

Source: GMA Network


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