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FUNNY VIDEO: She Realizes Things Don't Always Go The Way As Plumber on X Rated Movies Told Us!

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This girl has intent wanting for having sexual intercourse to any man but in her desperate using way to have it. At first, she called for a plumber man to fix her broken shower, there are three guys who went to check it. She was too pervert at that time, she even doing dirty talks just to get their attention. But then, the guys told her something that makes her rejected.

Second thing that she did was to pretend as a nurse. She thought that she could have a little sick patient but everything was a vise versa of what she expect. Watch how horrible this patient as it was having serious condition.

Lastly, she hired a fitness trainer, she thought that this time it would be more exciting as trainers are always been hot and sexy for this kind of activity. This girl seems like having so much problem with her way of mental thinking. Police caught her and leave it her for rehabilitation center. This one kind of unusual crazy woman that always wanted to have intimate act.

S/C: 9Gag


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