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Friend of Tagaytay Car Crash Accident Victim Shared Their Last Moment with Friends!

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There are four graduating high school students by next year of one school in Imus, Cavite who died along the Tagaytay area in front of a Starbucks coffee shop because of unexpected car crashed. 

Everyone was shocked after the incident, But there is one girl who shares her moment before the said unfortunate event.

Dianne Santiago Hingada, the said friend of the victims even has her previous conversation screenshots which she uploaded to her Facebook Account.

The victims were John Russel Garcia, 15; John Paul Tena, 15; Kirby Bokingo, 16; Jaymee Gubaton, 16; Lauren Bren Calabines, 16; and Rodalyn Bautista, 17. Calabines was identified as the driver of the car.

Police Authorities were still investigating the incident.

Source: TNP


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