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Former Starbucks Employee Broke His Silence After the Controversial Issue of the Company!

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One of the news that trend online recently and even in televisions is the case of a lady who got the dead mouse on her Starbucks coffee drink.When she got home, the lady found the mouse inside of it when she decided to open the cup and stir it.

She immediately brought this concern to the branch of the Starbucks in Addition HillsHills, where she bought the drink and she went straight to the police station to report her case.

Now, there is one concern citizen and a former Starbucks' employee who manage to speak his own reaction with this case online. He is Marco Carlo Calibara, the man who tried to publish his own thoughts about the situation, he couldn't convince his self to believe about this situation.

Marco worked for Starbucks for more than three years, so he knows very well the process of making every drink of the store. Read his whole statement below. This will give you some knowledge about what happened.

Source: Cracker Daily


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