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Early Signs of Cancer That Appears On Our Skin and We Never Noticed!

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They said the most scariest thing is in human life is when you found out that you are a victim of the body's silent killer "CANCERS". Almost everything in your body can be attack by this kind of disease, and its process healing is long, hurtful and expensive.

There is a study made by British people that spread through PlosOne. According to them there are some early signs that can be seen on our body. Let's be aware and cure it as early before it become worse and end up to unwanted death.
Here are some of those early signs:

1. Bruising or uncontrollable bleeding.
     -It is when the red blood cell from the body starts to became abnormal in functions. Blood clotting is often reason why it is happening which is Leukemia is the one closer to this case.

2. Fingernails Changes
     -Cancers can be also reveals into the changes of the fingernails appearance. If there is an unusual enlargement of the ends of the fingernails then it can be lung cancer. If there is a black and brown stain lines on it, then, it could be skin cancer. But if it is pale and white its liver cancer.

3. Bumps and Lumps
      - The changes of lymphatic system or having so many embossed round blood clotted.

4. Swollen Face
       -Lung cancer can be notice in someone's face, if it is swollen the person might have lung cancer.

5. Swollen Breast
      -If the breast is quite bloated than before and if it has red sore around the area, consult the specialist immediately.

6. Nipple Changes
     -If the nipples appearance become flattened and inverted or sideways. it same as breast cancer.

7.Sore that becomes rusty and easy to bleed.
     - suffered from easy wound that leads for so many sore after. Experiencing melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma its all under skin cancer case.

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