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Creepy Ultrasound Picture Rounds on Social Media Because of its Unusual Image!

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Every pregnant women are required to have their weekly check up. If the parent wanted to know the size and gender of their baby, they can undergo an Ultrasound process to further know about the condition of their baby.

This Medical Ultrasound can diagnose the image and heartbeat of the baby inside the womb. The condition inside the body organs of the baby that develop by months can be monitored by having this procedure. But recently, there is this photo of creepy Ultrasound negatives that circulating the social media now.

It was the mother of the baby who uploaded this ultrasound result image with the caption, " A Friend's ultrasound. When you see it.."

We can clearly see the image of her baby on the left side of the photo while the said creepy image friend was on the right side. Many of the Netizen said that it looks like a demon watching the baby, but some say that it was an angel from heaven guiding the baby.

Source: TNP


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