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CREEPY: Parents Discovered That Someone is Talking to their Child at Night!

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A terrifying story of a family from Washington was giving a round of social media, Sarah and Jay have a three year old son, because they wanted to monitor their child from time to time they placed a camera and WiFi monitor inside his room. But, on creepy thing is when their child told them that someone was talking to him at night.

At first, the parents couldn't believe that it was real, until one time she passed into his son's room and heard someone was talking from the monitor, "Wake up little boy, daddy's looking for you".

And even his husband Jay also heard this creepy voice saying, "Look someone is coming" or "Someone's coming into view".

One thing that they noticed is when someone is controlling their baby' night vision monitor capable lens that following their movements.

They immediately contacted the manufacturer of the devices, and the company said that it was highly possible that someone hacked their devices, they were advised to always change the password of their WiFi every now and then to avoid this unwanted thing. They believed that the people behind it are doing it for a bad purpose.

This problem also now frequently happens to other families, that is why everyone was advised to be more extra careful, possible thing is due to the connections to internet certain accounts at home are can easily hacked.

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