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CREEPY: Huge White Ghost Hound Appeared on the Road Before the Tagaytay Car Crash Incident!

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Are you aware about the Car Crash on Tagaytay which killed 6 teenagers After losing control on the road? There had been too many beliefs and superstitions which immediately spread through the internet about this incident.

The premonition on the victims' cover photos on Facebook is just only one of those said beliefs. Here's another story coming from the witness' perspective before the car caught fire and explode.

Screenshot from Princess' statement
Image from John Christian Lim Perez
We've heard many similar story about this so called white dog/hound and it did creeps the hell out of my soul after reading the statement of the witness. The said huge ghost snow hound was really into taking minors, especially kids to be its playmate.

Apparently in Irish folklore they were fairy dogs, and as Christianity took over they became part of the 'Hellhound' entity.

Sadly, it took 6 lives on this incident. So, for those kids and teenagers of this generation, please be more careful in making your decisions and on what you're doing because there had been crazy stuffs going on in this world that no one could explain why such entities exists and what are their purposes.


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  1. if only these people who post creepy things and took some pictures of the accident before it got worst helped those kids in the car, maybe they could at least save some of them and will not blame the rescue team for being late.

    1. Are you dumb? The car was about to explode. If they would try to rescue them, they could have also been burned alive!

    2. Are you dumber? they have time to take photo, look for other way using waze. Do the math. If her BF have the balls to help, He might have save some of them.

    3. Read the caption when they posted the pics (Princess' post) so that you could understand their side, they actually make sense.

    4. Unleaded yung gas ng car. Walanh kotseng sumasabog. Sa pelikula lang yun. :)

    5. Unleaded yung gas ng car. Walanh kotseng sumasabog. Sa pelikula lang yun. :)

  2. nakaka creepy...wala akong ma figure out na image ng ghost...����sheytt

  3. This Huge White Dog is just giving us a Message. that we should follow the speed limit

  4. Putanginang kalokohan yan! Wala talagang kwenta fuck bitches!




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