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Controversial: The Starbucks Rat Girl Can Be Sued By the Company for Telling False Accusations!

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After hitting the social media's most hottest topic online today about the Starbucks coffee drink with a lifeless mouse in it, which were many of the netizens criticized Jessa (the girl who claimed that she found a mouse on her drink) for telling the media her unbelievable story about this case.

Most of the people doesn't convince themselves to what she published, they believed that she just seeks for attention to get money in exchange of the company's reputation.

According to the authorities, whenever they found out that she just made it all up, she can be sued by the company.

They even mentioned that there are still no strong witness for her case, the worst is if she wouldn't defend herself, she might pay a tremendous amount of money to bail out in jail.


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  1. Seriously? You should be sued as well for your incorrect grammar




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