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Controversial: Man Jumped from 7th Floor of the Mall for Being Cheap!

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One unwanted scene happened in china that shocked many people around the incident area. In one mall in China, one man died after jumping from the 7th floor of a building.

The reason behind the suicide jump by this guy is because of his girlfriend who is asking to buy more shoes while he was already carrying a lot of shopping bags of her. According to the news, before the incident the couple fought because of too much shopping time of the girlfriend.

Due to much walked and shopping around the mall together with the girl, his body is already suffering from pain as he was also carrying a lot of shopping bags bought by the girl during that time. But then, the girl couldn't stop and asked for more shoes.

At that moment, they started to fight by shouting each other. The guy couldn't accept that he was called by the girl a tightwad even though he already bought all the things for her. They just stop shouting when the guy thrown all the bags and walked along the bench and jumped.

He was down to one mall stall at the ground and died. The girl immediately disappeared, but she still haunted by the police.

Source: Cracker Daily


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