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Brave Man Saw a Falling Woman From 11th Floor Building... What Happens Next Baffles Everyone!

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A Chinese man, Feng Ning is a former soldier has been a hero for attempting to catch a woman who plunged 11 floors from an apartment. He had emerged from a nearby restaurant when he heard someone crying for help. He looked up then saw a woman dangling from a window. In the video, Ning was seen positioning himself by holding out his arms trying to catch the woman and break her fall. As the woman hits Ning with great speed, he knocked to the floor screaming with pain.

Ning was rushed to a nearby hospital by some of the witnesses and he was reported to have a torn ligament that needs operation.

The woman he tried to rescue has been reported dead. In an interview Ning said, “I ran to the building, but she had already fallen before I could reach the entrance. So I got ready to catch her instead. I don't know what happened next."

Li Yanbing, a doctor at Enshi Central Hospital's spinal surgery department said Ning sustained number of injuries in the incident.

"He was knocked out by the impact and suffered injuries on his knee joints, and had a tibial plateau fracture," said Yanbing. "His anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments and the medial ligament have been dislocated." When asked if he regretted his actions,  Ning said: "I don't regret. It's a shame that I couldn't save her."

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