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Anne Curtis' Message to People who Throws Hurtful Words on Her Sister and Boyfriend!

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Recently, rumors that Anne Curtis' boyfriend and younger sister have an affair spread through social media like fire. 

Anne finally tweeted a statement about the said controversy, saying it is a "non-issue," and that Erwan has known Jasmine since she was 13 years old and that people should just stop all the "viciousness being thrown" at the people she loves. Here's her full statement: 

Screenshot from Anne Curtis Twitter Account
People don't know which side is true, But now that Ms. Anne Curtis breaks her silence, maybe it could stop these rumors. Here's her full statement:

People immediately criticized the video that was posted by Jasmine Curtis and stated that it is not how you supposed to treat you’re girlfriend’s sister. And now that it was confirmed, everyone can stop and chill out.

Source: COSMO


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