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10 Home Remedies and Ways to Cure Unpleasant Smell of Your Vagina!

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Once a woman reached her stage of adolescence, there are lots of problems that occur, especially when it comes to physical aspects. One of the problem is when they hit their puberty stage and experience vaginal odor.

According to the studies, almost 9 out of 10 women are suffering from this problem. The usual cause happened when they are cleaning it the wrong way. As a solution, these specialists found some home remedies that can best help you get rid of this so called vaginal odor. 10 Tips on how to keep your vagina area healthy:

1. Use a portion of  Tea tree oil diluted in water and drop it down for a vaginal wash, this is 
Best to help remove the bacteria and keep out of it in a long span of time.

2. Baking soda powder mixing it with your warm and clear bath water, this will help you increase the pH level in your body.

3. Apple cider vinegar is good and safe for cleaning your vagina, just pour a half cup into the water and wash it all over the vaginal area.

4. Always remember to wear a cotton type of unties and pants or shorts. A tightness of your clothes can block the air and prevent your private part to breathe, it could let you sweat more and moist can grow bacteria.

5. Applying garlic pill on the area will help to remove the foul smell. Just wash it after a minute. Do it before you take a shower. Always wash it with a feminine wash after.

6. Avoid eating foods that contain too much yeast and sugar, this will just increase the tendency to release and produce more bacteria inside you body.

7. Soak overnight a cup of Fenugreek in water, then consumed it with your empty stomach. This will  clean the unnecessary bacteria inside the organs.

8. Put an Organic Chlorophyll to 8 Oz of water, then apply it directly and then rinse it with warm water. The unpleasant smell will disappear after an hour.

9. Always include a cup of yogurt in your daily meals.

10. Always make it habit to wash your private part with a clear soap, this should be at least more than 4 times a day. Avoid using one with a flavored smell, chemical can just give addition, odor when you get sweaty.

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