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You Will Never Use Cotton Swabs Ever Again After Watching This!

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Our ears are one of the most sensitive part in our body. This part should always have the right way of cleaning to prevent any unwanted damage might happen as this sense of hearing is really important for everyone of us.

The most common material that we can easily find to clean it was a piece of cotton swab, we think that this is very useful, especially to those who has wet and sticky type ear wax. But, specialist advised that it's better to use the typical small cone and stick, they explained that using cotton swab can just push inside the ears all the dirt and could really harmful.

Watch how this doctor explains the effect if you wouldn't stop cleaning your ears with cotton swab. It's better to listen now before something will happen that can affect your hearing. He will show you how was the right way of removing the dirt.

Sources: YouTube / TNP


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