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WATCH: What These Sexy Awkward Dancers Doing In A Motorshow Trends in Social Media!

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Alpine Electronics, Inc. Is the consumer electronics subsidiary of the Japanese electronic component manufacturer Alps Electric, specializing in car audio and navigation systems. Alpine owned the Luxman brand of specialist home audio equipment. Aside from being the well-known manufacturer, Alpine became more popular when a video of sexy ladies dancing and posing as models became viral. 

Labeled as the Alpine Girls, their hilarious, sexy video of the 36th Motor show in Thailand got the netizens attention as has garnered 2,360,286 views, 4,902 likes and 1,211 comments on YouTube under the account of YetAnotherTechGuy.

Motor shows visitors caught their attention not just because of how sexy, hot and gorgeous these ladies are but because of how awkward their dance choreography and style. The background music that was played can be traced to another viral video, where the characters awkwardly danced to the same set of music. 

It might be what the Alpine girls want to portray and where they got their inspiration from. They are just dancing with the way they want, out-beat and really awkward that you just found yourself smiling at them.

While others have disturbing reactions, let us not forget that these ladies were there to entertain motor show visitors.  I bet some were more than entertained and smiling widely. 

Watch and see for yourself these cute ladies performing awkwardly but sexy!


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