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Watch Why This 'Killing Bestfriend Prank' Made People Cry Instead of Laughing!

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In life, each of us has that someone who could really understand us more than ourselves, aside from our parents, there are those people who could sees your flaws, happiness, weakness, and the one that you could considered as buddy in all your crimes in life, most of the time they are there to help you with all your problems in different situations and there own ways, that's why we call them our "Best Friend".

This prank will surely makes you cry. The one driving in the car was the one who set up the whole prank. He planned to pretend that after they went to a party their car couldn't continue travel due to something went wrong, someone will pretended to kidnap both of them as well.

You could really feel and see on this video how valuable their deep friendship for each other by that victim of prank which is his best friend. He cried so much when he thought that his best friend was totally dead. He cried like its really happening, but when his best friend revealed the truth... Watch how touching this moment for both of them.  

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  1. Terrible, young man could have had a heart attack or a nervous breakdown. This was not funny.




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