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WATCH: Unpublished Ads of Rodrigo Duterte Because of Financial Shortage Leaked on Social Media!

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Rodrigo "Rody" Roa Dutertewas born in Davao, who also goes by the nickname Digong, is a Filipino lawyer and politician of Visayan succession. Rody is among the longest-serving mayors in the Philippines. He has been mayor of Davao City, a highly developed city in Mindanao island, for 7 more than 22 years.

He has also served as vice-mayor and congressman in this city. Under Duterte’s regime, one of the drastic change in Davao is the significantly decrease of crime in Davao City. Local news reports show him preceding the spectacle, choosing to inspect in a regular taxi, surprising his would-be passengers.

And now that he decided to step up and believe that he could change our country, many people are questioning his ability as a President. His filing of candidacy for President also became controversial. He was criticized by many people and even named him as “The Punisher”.

Aside from the critics and people who are pulling him down, on the other side of the story, many supporters believe in Duterte and hoping for a big change. They saw Duterte as light to end corruption, crimes and high price of food supply. Filipinos are thirsty for a change. Will it be Duterte?
DUTERTE filed his candidacy in COMELEC
eto po yung hindi pinapakita nung DEC 8 sa mga TV NETWORK, buti nalang po may mga taong may malasakit sa kanya para gumawa nito, IKALAT PO NATIN ITO dahil wala po si DUTERTE pambayad sa pag campaign, (video owned by Sahad Andal Jr.) NAKAKAIYAK PO ang suporta sa kanya ng tao CHANGE IS COMING
Posted by MOCHA GIRLS on Tuesday, December 8, 2015
A video was aired by TV networks on December 8 became the hot news. Because of financial shortage for the campaign, the video was created by the supporters that trusts and relied on Duterte.

Watch and see how Filipinos worked together and help one another to voice out what we really need for our country and that is a CHANGE.

Credits: Mocha Girls

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