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WATCH: Maria Ozawa's Coaster Bumps into Another Car... What Happened Next Really is UNBELIEVABLE!

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The lead star of a movie Nilalang which is an entry in MMFF (Metro Manila Film Festival) has recently got into an accident. The famous Japanese sexy star known as Maria Ozawa has bumped her coaster into a car in front of them.

The initial reaction of the owner of the car would be unpleasant. Some would get angry and some would even demand for the payment of the damage. But it is not we are expecting!

A netizen named Eric Borromeo posted on Facebook that Maria Ozawa was with Meg Imperial, Yam Concepcion, Trixie Dauz and the producer of Nilalang when the coaster of the group bumped into their car.

The cast of Nilalang don’t know what to do so the movie producer immediately hops off the coaster and talked to Eric and his colleagues.

When Eric found out that Maria was with them, they simply asked for photos with her. The guys looked happy while taking photos with Maria, despite that their car's been bumped into her coaster.


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