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WATCH: Everything You Need to Know About Your Boobs in One Short Video!

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Women have questions and problems about their breasts all the time. Fortunately, AsapSCIENCE just released this detailed YouTube video to not only answer the breast questions you do have, but also to educate you with some exceptional breast knowledge. Fun fact:

When a baby begins to suckle, receptors in the mother's nipples indicate the mother's brain to release milk. Moreover, there is a hormone known as the "cuddle hormone" that boosts the baby and mother's bond while breastfeeding.

A baby isn't the only one who gets pleasure and desire from breasts. According to the video, some women reach the same stimulus from their nipples as they do their clitoris — 82 percent of women have enhanced sexual arousal from their nipples too, so they must be something special.

Next let’s move on to something a lot of women worry about, their left boob being larger than the right. Breast asymmetry is actually pretty common — 50 percent of the female population.

Scientists aren’t really sure why but they speculate it’s in part due to hormonal changes during puberty. And if that wasn’t puzzling enough, the production of estrogen and progesterone throughout the menstrual cycle causes the size of boobs to change from week to week.

Who doesn't love a good educational boob video? Watch and see the crazy-magical breast information galore in the video!


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