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VIRAL: What Diet Coke Could Do to Your Teeth Really is Unbelievable!

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Everyone knows that throwing back sugary soda and candy can lead to dental cavities, but a new study proposes that sugar-free sodas are out to get your teeth too. Researchers from University of Melbourne's Oral Health Cooperative Research Centre exposed extracted human molars to 15 beverages, including regular sodas, sports drinks, milk, and three sugar-free sodas.

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Unexpectedly, there was no significant difference between damage caused by sugary and sugar-free drinks. But experts think unlike sugar-sweetened sodas, which promote the growth of bacteria that lead to tooth decay and cavities, sugar-free sodas contain ingredients that cause dental erosion, a process that strips away tooth enamel, ultimately exposing the soft and super sensitive insides of the tooth.
Image from Cosmopolitan
The moral of the story is the one you've been denying forever: When it comes to your teeth and your general health, water wins every time. If you must drink a carbonated drink, just swish with water afterward instead of brushing right away, this could further aggravate erosion.


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