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Viral: Unbelievable Prank Gone Wrong!

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Social media provides different ways to give its audience a good entertainment. Some consists of videos, photos, and even short stories. One of the entertaining videos that most people are looking forward is the prank videos. It is a practical joke or mischievous act that is done to a person and hilariously laughed at their reactions after the prank. But sometimes it caused a bigger damage to a person. Occasionally the result of what you think or plan is different from the reality of what will happen.

This video is another set of prank where the two guys decided to prank their friend. They planned to scare their friend to death by disguising the other guy as a killer, with long knife in his hand. When their friend came home, he saw the other guy lying at the attic with his body was sliced apart from each other.
He was very scared and surprised that his friend is there almost dead. When he saw that the killer is also in the house. He immediately jumped out of the window not knowing that it was only a prank!

Watch and see how unexpected things happened terribly! Their friend who jumped out of the window got a broken leg for sure!

Credits: ViralBrothers


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