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VIRAL: Maria Ozawa Will Have More Time in the Philippines to Find Mr.Right!

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This year 2015, Maria Ozawa visited Philippines and made guest appearance in some of Manila radio show

FHM Magazine and even appearing in a horror-action movie “Nilalang”. With all of the fame that she’s getting, Maria confirmed that she’s looking for Mr. Right in the Philippines! In an interview, Maria said that she will have a blue Christmas this year and what she was hoping for is someone she could spend her life with.

“There is no man in my life right now. I’m telling all those who interview me that I’m going to find somebody once I get here. I will be spending my first Christmas here in the Philippines, so I do hope I get that somebody before Christmas. I don’t want to spend Christmas alone!” Maria blurted out in one of her interview.

Aside from making the horror-movie, Maria also has a business that will be opened this December. The club bar was named La Maison at Resort World Manila. “The Philippines is now really like my second home. Everyone is so nice.

I really like it here. I really do! Now I know it takes two hours to get to everywhere here. It’s okay!” she said as if she’s really comfortable with the traffic all around EDSA. She even likes the climate and some of Filipino delicacies. Adobos, crispy pata, sinigang, bibingka, halo-halo, and pichi-pichi where some of the dishes grab her attention.

Source: GMA Network

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  1. Maria Ozawa I can be your be forever and ever I will gonna love you forever I'm pure filipino but I grow up in Japan we can understand each other I love you so much My love




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