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Viral: Girl Convincing People to Have Sexual Intercourse with Dogs... WTF?!

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People always say that "dogs are a man's bestfriend" as they are giving so much happiness that no one could explain. Taking care of them are some people hobby or usual reason is because they are attach by loving them.

But this girl seems extremely different, she is trying to convince the human to have sex with their dogs especially to all ladies. She elaborated her site about this matter. One of her reason is it is really impossible for human to get pregnant when having sex with dogs so people could do it 24/7.

This video caught many attention of the dog lovers. Some people believe that she really has a point with it, but most of them are mad, saying her reason was all craziness, and asking why this thing should apply to those innocent dogs.

People claims that this could be file as animals abuse. Many people are trying share this video to reach the authority of responsible officials for this case.


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