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VIRAL: Duterte Says Karen Davila is 'Delicious'! Watch How it Goes!

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This interview of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte's is now circulating the social media, After he declared that he will be running for presidency, Mayor is now attending many if this kind of media interview.

DZMM radio station was conducting interviews to all the presidency candidates in order to somewhat help many people to decide who is the best for the position. One of the smartest and most respectful reporter in media Karen Davila is one of the host of this program.

There was a segment in this interview that Mayor Duterte was asked to describe a person that the hosts will pronounce and he has to say one word only. Funny answer that he had was about the name of Karen Davila, he describe her as "Delicious".

Davila's reaction was just laughed and said that she don't know if that would be a compliment or insult. We really can't deny that Mayor Duterte has his own cute sense of humor.

Source: Boompanot


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