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VIRAL: Claudine Barretto’s Rico Yan Instagram Post Will Surely Break Your Heart!

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Rico Yan and Claudine Baretto team up is one of the most popular love team of all time in Philippine show business. But everyone was saddened by the news when Rico was found dead inside his hotel room by his friend, actor Dominic Ochoa at the Dos Palmas Resort in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan in March 2002. Autopsy reported that Yan died of cardiac arrest caused by acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis while asleep (bangungot). 

According to Dominic, the group attended a party the night before and went back to their cottage at around 2 AM Friday. The five friends slept together in one big room and Rico occupied the loft because he was a snorer. At around 6 AM, Rico was heard groaning but his companions dismissed it as plain snoring. When Dominic tried to wake Yan at past 9AM, he found Yan stiff and lifeless.

Because of that Claudine was left with a broken heart knowing that Rico will not return to her life ever again. The scar in her heart will remain but the pain might be subsided as 13yrs has passed. 

Today Claudine remembers the love of Rico by reading again some of his love letters. Claudine posted on her Instagram account one of the love letters showing how Rico is madly in love with her.

“To my honey, by the time you read this, I must be in CDO. Just want to thank you for last night. You were wonderful! And because of that, I’m sure I’m gonna have a hard time sleeping without youby my side tonight. But nevertheless, I still love you very much! – Rico” that was the sweet statement from Rico Yan.


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