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VIRAL: Catholic Priest Using Hoverboard During His Sacred Mass!

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In our day today, modern technologies are growing really fast as the new gadgets occurred with high easy ways to use. Aside from cell phones, tablets, smart TVs', and automatic appliances, there is also the latest levitating object that many people are aiming to have or experience, the Hoverboard.

This thing is not only fun, it could also help you to move by not wasting your energy. As many people wanted to have it, even the most unexpected priest you will never imagine that they will use it. Truly, this thing is solely amazing.

Este cura Sí está a la moda con su Hoverboard :v
Posted by FLOW CARTAGENA on Saturday, December 26, 2015

One Catholic Priest is using this Hoverboard during his sacred meals. This video is now circulating around the world. Many people find it amazing and cute, they believe that people will may be more attentive in listening if the priest can do his rounds during the sacred meals.


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  1. Wow this is crazy, I wonder if he will deliver the entire sermon while he was riding the hoverboard




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