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This Old Man Died After a Long Time of Being Alone... What He Did Next Dumbfound Everyone!

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We really can't deny the joy and happiness that Christmas could bring to every families. The usual scenes are exchanging gifts, preparing foods, games for party, sharing funny thoughts and happening for the past year. Those things are really meaningful for each and everyone especially to a member of the family that always far.

We have to accept the reality in life that when we grow old there's a possibility that we might live alone, some reasons are: our son or daughter might already have their own family, or they're too busy with work. Spending time and effort are most problem when we are getting older. Just like what this old father had every Christmas. 

This old man was celebrating his Christmas alone for along time. He also been a widower for a long time. But, For him to have a very wonderful Christmas, he sent a funeral invitation to all his son and daughter, he thinks that his death is the only way to let them gather easily.

Christmas is one occasion to share and show your love for each and every member of the family especially to our parents, while they are still there let them feel how you so much care and love them. Hug and kiss them before its too late.

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