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This is More Than a Christmas Family Gathering... Find Out What Letter 'A' Did to Make a Woman Cry!

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Christmas is time for love and romance, and so it is no surprise that we can have wedding bells in December. It is also a season where everyone loves to take photos to capture the good moments that they have had with their friends and relatives. Photos are sometimes big deal to people especially family photos. People spend a lot of time setting up the shot, taking the right angle, and getting everyone to smile in every shot they can.

A smart guy named Tyne Owen joined wedding bells and jingle bells into one. He figured out that he could use their Christmas family photo to send a message to his fiancé; he will use those moments and those photos to propose!

The whole family wore shirts with letter that spelled out “Merry Xmas” but it changes as the camera keeps rolling to take the shots. The whole family re-arranged and the letter is now spelled out as “Marry Me”. His girlfriend reviewed the captured photos and was shocked with what she saw.

Watch how Tyne pulled off his wedding proposal and how his girlfriend react once she reviewed the photos! This might be one of the best wedding proposals of all time. What do you think?

Source: Metaspoon

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