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They Went Inside the Guard House to Get Some Help... But Dumbfound Everyone After this Happened!

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People often believe that when there are policeman or any securities beside the area of incident surely you will be more safer as they have the responsibility to make the situation calm, but not all the time. This video shows to public how incompetent these securities in the video.

Two boys approached the security area house to asked for their help because there are guys who are trying to kill them by hitting long machete.

At first, securities tried to cover and protect the two young boys but after a few seconds all the securities in the area were gone. At that time, bad guys got the chance to hit and hit the two young boys.

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Posted by Charina Adriano on Monday, August 17, 2015
Luckily, they are still alive but had numerous wounds in head and neck, after the incident they immediately went to the police station. According to them, But according to many witness, those guys holding the machetes are gang which is following these young motorist to get their motor and money.

It is always advice to be more aware in our modern society for our own safety.

Credits: Charina Adriano

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  1. Dumb ass security guard!! Your not supposed to wear that badge saying security tsk! If that happened on your family for sure your the first one to run and cover up yourself fucking grrrrrr!!!!Shame on you!

  2. In what country and what city is this? Those people involved are destroying public property and those security are also so stupid!

  3. Tang ina Security ! iniwan ang dalwang lalaki ! kawawa naman sila ..

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. napakawlang kwentang guard dapat tumawag sila ng police rescue.....tsk tsk tsk walang wentang guard...

  6. Pwedeng gamitin yung mga silya to protect your body. Use the chairs' steel frame for offense and defense.

  7. Tang inang mga guard na yan iniwan pa talaga ang mga kawawang binatilyo

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. its hard to live at Vietnam that Philippines that was a ordinary crime scene ^_^

  10. Grrrrrrrrrr! nakakainis kawawa naman sila kuya pinagpapalo humingi na nga ng tulong umalis pa ang mga barangay tanod sarap batukan grrrrrrrrrrrrr! :(

  11. i will kill that guardd

  12. i will kill that guardd they have to punished those people the guard without gun omg are they called guards ?? fuyck them an




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