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The Story Behind this Photo Will make you Discomfit... Find Out How CREEPY this is!

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Most people nowadays are very in with their modern lives as there are now new and easy ways to captured the moments around them and this is with the help of new gadgets, Scene that could be special occasion like birthdays or any holidays, it can also be use in reporting any news, any sudden or unwanted incidents, but sometimes even the creepiest happening can be captured.

This video was a compilation of some pictures that have disturbing back stories. These pictures seems like a normal pictures like others, but not unless you will know the background. Some of the pictures are used to solved some murder cases.

Watch how creepy those pictures that some of it even it reaches already a decade, cases still unsolved and remains unknown. It also includes the death of John Lennon and one Filipino councilor who captured the scene of his assassination during one new year's celebration, these are some of the best highlights of this video. See for yourself.

Credits: The Richest

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