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Specialist Warned Everyone that Backpacks Can Cause Children to Break Their Spines!

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Did you know what is the danger of letting your kids carrying those heavy backpacks everyday going to school? It's always advice that the weight of backpacks with books and school things inside should not exceed the fifteen percent of a kid body weight.

Carrying heavy backpack can cause many danger to your kid's spinal cord. Just like what happened to this boy who has been carrying heavy backpacks for a year. At first they notice that this boy was slightly walking with his curve back and often complains about his back pain experience.

When they visit the Doctor to check his condition, surgery was advice because his lower spine was totally damage. The weight of the heavy backpack pulls your kid's body forward, the force that cause to adjust to the weight by arching or bending their back.

Doctor also said that wrong posture can also cause spinal compression that may break your back especially to a young kids because their bones are still soft. Parents are advice to take note this case so that it could prevent the same situation to their kids.

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