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She's Trying to Tease Her Boyfriend By Sending Late Night Snapchats... But this Unexpected Thing Happened!

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“Think before You Click”, that is one of the sayings in a world where advance technology is in high peak. There are numerous social sites where you can send photos instantly to you loved ones or friends. Some of these are Facebook, Snapchat, Viber with millions of users worldwide. Using these technologies needs proper provisions because you might send it to other people unknowingly.

An anonymous woman who was trying to send a late night Snapchat to her boyfriend accidentally sent it to her boss. The woman can be seen in the photo seductively lifting her T-shirt to reveal her breasts and stomach in the image intended for her boyfriend.

The image was going along with the caption: 'What ur missing this weekend :)'. The stunned boss penned a note, which was snapped back to her, saying: 'Hi, you probably did not mean to send this to me, but please be more careful. I am your BOSS'. Not only did her boss capitalize the word boss, he or she also underlined it, perhaps to put emphasis on the sternness of the situation.

The photos circulated in social media and were picked up by different news sites in just a few days. This woman is a bit of kiddy for doing this and she’s lucky she didn’t get fired by he Boss.


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