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She Drops All of Her Things... But They Get Discomfit After Seeing Her BALLS Unexpectedly!

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An entertaining prank once again rules the social media sites because of the priceless and hilarious reactions of the people. The prank was named 'Ballsack Prank' which targets the reaction of different men if they will see a hot woman with her balls hanging out! The plan is this – the woman is wearing a daring and a sexy dress and will ask for the direction of a place. She was given a pair of fake balls to prank men. While asking for directions, she intentionally drops her things and instantly those men will eager to pick up all the things just to take a peek under her dress.

After seeing her fake balls hanging out of her dress, priceless reactions has seen to those men that helped her and at the same time wanted to take a peek. Some men hurriedly run away from her, some men are confused and shocked when they see her fake balls. But most of them were bursting into laughter and couldn’t believe on what they saw.

Want to have a good laugh? Watch and see for yourself! This is truly one of the best pranks uploaded in social media.

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